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BB Dakota

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BB Dakota 178x300 BB DakotaBrand History

BB Dakota is a California-based clothing brand founded in 1986 by French-Canadian designer, Gloria Brandes. The brand started out as a storefront in Laguna Beach but later turned into a style mecca among fashionable locals. The brand specializes in classical designs and figure-flattering silhouettes with a dash of on-trend details.

Hip, Edgy Fashion for Women

BB Dakota sets itself apart from other clothing brands by blending together modern and classic designs and then spiced up with hip, edgy details. Made for the younger, more fashion-forward demographic, the brand fills the void for bold, quality apparel at very affordable prices. At the helm of BB Dakota’s design is Katharine Brandes, Gloria’s daughter.

Katharine love the concept of urban wear meets classic designs. She tries to strikes a balance between two strong influences to create a sexy line of apparel that showcases a sexier side without baring too much skin.

BB Dakota 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

Spring is here and this means it’s time to for a closet update. Get rid of those dreary winter clothes and stock up on awesome brights by BB Dakota! This collection is all about the color-block trend. After all, what’s spring without the bold colors, eh? BB Dakota welcomes spring with a fabulous line of dresses, tops, blazers, and cutout dresses in pastel colors or with geometric prints, and helluva florals! So girls, you really should check out the latest from BB Dakota and be spring-ready!

BB Dakota clothing at

Speaking of spring, can’t be too far behind when it comes to trendy apparel! Check out the latest from BB Dakota out now via! Stock up on fabulous dresses, sheer tops and floral tank tops from BB Dakota latest collection! Get the hottest coupons only here!

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