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Brand History

Quintin is a Los Angeles-based streetwear brand founded in 2009 by a group of creatives who wanted to redefine modern streetwear for men. Quintin made a mark in the fashion biz for its rather colorful and printed headwear for men. They use anywhere from camo to floral prints for the headwear but they also have a collection of headwear with muted colors for less flamboyant folks. The brand is inspired by the exciting LA street style, music and sports, specializes in design-driven streetwear as well as quality headwear.

Quintin Headwear

What makes Quintin headwear above others lies beyond the bold colors, striking prints and unconventional designs. Each hand is made by hand. The Quintin crew uses only the best materials and fabrics around to create their signature hats. Quintin is a headwear brand first, and a streetwear brand the second. Aside from their headwear, they also expanded their lines to streetwear and backpacks. All products feature the same eye-catching prints.

Quintin Quintin

Quintin 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

So what does Quintin has in store for you this S/S 2013? In line with their ultra-casual style, Quintin lookbook features lots of headwear, graphic tees, buttons down shirts, crew neck sweatshirts and a couple of lightweight jackets, all done in sleek, fresh style that’s distinctively Quintin! The highlight of the collection includes their classic six-panel snapbacks, the off-white short sleeved buttons up tops and their camo unit caps. These babies are up for grabs right now via their online store as well as authorized Quintin dealers like

Quintin headwear at

Are you a sucker for brights? Then you’re gonna love what’s in store for you from Quintin at! Aside from their classic favorites, a slew of bigger, brighter headwear and streetwear are available, selected items are also on sale right now! The Polka Camper hat is offered at 34% off while the McKinley jacket in gray and black is available at 65% off! This promo is available for a limited time only so come on over at today and grab these babies before they run out! Click this link for the latest promo and rep codes for Karmaloop.

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