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Case Scenario

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Brand History

Case Scenario is a mobile accessories and case brand based in Monaco. Founded by a group of designers in 2010, Case Scenario offers a wide range of design driven mobile phone cases that brings together style and functionality. Case Scenario’s design team has a singular goal, to provide the reliable protection to all mobile gadgets, including iPad, iPhone and Macbook cases, without scrimping on style! The brand’s designs take cue from European aesthetics and the uses the latest in technology. Case Scenario cases are available in selected stores nationwide including online retail stores like


Case Scenario is inspired by European designs and technology that we cannot live without. These little gadgets that slowly become a part of our lives. Most of us can’t leave the house without our devices, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. These gadgets not only make life a little easier, it has also become a tool to express ourselves. Case Scenario wants to be a part of the connected generation with products that balances three elements: protection, expression and collaboration.

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Featuring all the important elements in design: quality, style, functionality and quality, Case Scenario offers a wide range of colorful iPhone, iPad and folio bases including Macbook pro cases and laptop sleeves. Case Scenario fuses design and functionality, adding reliable protection against daily wear and tear and innovative design that stands out in every product they create.

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Prevent scratches, dents or damage to your beloved mobile devices with mobile phone cases and tablet/laptop sleeves from Case Scenario! Case Scenario offers the ultimate in electronics protection! Grab a case or two today at and enjoy fantastic deals and awesome discounts! Get extra discounts when you use our Working Plndr Promo and Rep Codes for Karmaloop today!

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